My friend Dave was a friend indeed.
He was always there with advice to heed.
He stuck by me through thick and thin.
My thoughts are with him now as a new life he begins.
Jesus has taken him into his embrace.
It is with that I'm so happy for his grace.
Dave's courage is something unmatched.
I wish we could all catch some of that.
His spirit and courage never seemed to go.
Through all his trials his spirit never seemed low.
It is at this time we look to the Lord with grief.
In him we must be strong in our belief.
Dave's friendship will be sadly missed.
But to go on is something he would insist.
I will always remember the friendship he gave me.
In my memory he will always be.
I must now say goodbye to my friend.
Until the day when we meet again.
Dave's body is now new and whole.
It is with that knowledge I let go.
Goodbye my friend, Goodbye.

By Dan Morgan