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40th reunion - 2011

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Your 35th (2006) reunion committee:

Left to Right: Rosie (Shanklin) Tebben, Maryann (Althiser) Godby, Bill Clark, Ray Gordon, Dan Rose, and Roger Stien

KUDOS to the committee for another successful and enjoyable reunion.


30th Reunion Photos

Thanks to Debbie Workman Higgins

25th Reunion Photo!

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Warning: images show people dancing on tables and having fun!

..are those really Bill's legs, or is he riding a chicken?

Memories from 10 Year Reunion- Continental Regency Hotel, Peoria
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Click on the picture to see the "Cues for Chinks and Chinklets" handbook. My notes said that orientation was August 31, 1967, and classes started on Wednesday, September 6, 1967.

Chink and Chinklet-

Brad DuPage and
Mary Ann Althiser




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Graduation memories! Tickets, program, and more!

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